Do the mouse, the headset and the mouse pad really improve the game?

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In recent years, the game peripherals market development is extremely rapid, thanks to years of the development of the athletics game, from the early years of the CF to LOL until a few years ago now LOL, desperately, CF, with continuous hot competitive game, players for game peripherals that originally strange things is becoming more and more recognition.

This shift from Internet cafes to Internet cafe can see clue, CF in the early period of hot, Internet cafes in the mouse and keyboard in now, it is the existence of the soil to slag off, until the rise of LOL, Internet cafes in large and medium-sized cities gradually upgrade, game peripherals to gradually form the concept of the player, "oh, Internet cafes that what is the grade, keyboard mouse really is not the same as Internet cafes."

However, the early Internet cafes only upgraded the keyboard and mouse without any improvement in functionality. It was not until the rise of the anchor industry and the increasing attention of various competitions that ordinary players noticed the importance of game peripherals. "Look at the things used by professional players!" "Does this stuff really improve technology?"

It certainly helped push the peripherals to the next level. At the very least, this phenomenally successful game taught the masses how important it is to have a professional headset, a small headset, where you really can't tell where the enemy is hitting you.

Kingston also successfully pushed into the peripheral market during Absolute Survival's peak year, launching the Black Hawk headphones and the low-end Storm headphones at the right time and staying firmly in place.

Viking is laying the ground for this, but it also wants to show from the development of the game peripherals industry that peripherals are really helpful for improving technology,

Of course, this "technology" is technology in the broad sense, depending on what you mean by the word technology.

Skill in the broad sense is not just your game marksmanship. This is like saying that an NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant is strong, not only in his basketball skills, the desire for victory, understanding of tactics and tactical execution are a part of Kobe Bryant's skills, it can be said that none of them can be missing, which are missing, he can not reach the superstar level!

What do game peripherals include? Mouse, mouse pad, earphone, keyboard, and now a black technology, the monitor.

As a CF anchor, a veteran in this industry, if I take CF game as an example, according to the above comprehensive ranking, I give the answer is mouse, headset, monitor, mouse pad, keyboard.

The ranking will vary by genre, but the ranking of shooters, as far as I'm concerned, should be fine.

The mouse

What is the nature of a shooter? The player must understand that the essence of a shooter is to test a player's ability to manipulate a mouse. What is it you can't rely on to shoot? Control of the mouse ah! Well, a good mouse is of course the most important thing, and I don't need to say much about the impact of a junk mouse on the player! Unless elementary school students can't figure it out.

The headset

If you don't even listen to your footsteps, in a shooting game, it's basically the same as a blind person.


What is the difference between a 144 monitor and a normal monitor? Players have a vivid analogy: have they seen a continuous slide show? So you're comparing a high-definition movie, you're comparing, which picture is more fluid? Second, are mosaics and HD quality the same thing? That's what 144 is good for!

The mouse pad

As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, the role of the mouse pad is not to let your palm move more comfortable, the role of the mouse pad is better to let your mouse have a stable play. Ferrari wants to use the speed, you have to give him a track ah, a big dirt road in the countryside, it can drive?

The keyboard

For shooting games, as long as the keyboard is not stuck keys, not tired hands, it is enough, it has little impact on the technology, but not without, if you know the body of the favorite flash post, I can only tell you, ordinary keyboard wants to achieve that level, too difficult! Why is that? Because high-end mechanical keyboards have a 1MS delay on their keys, regular keyboards really don't have a 1MS delay.

Although the above problem is too cruel for the ordinary people with limited money, don't lose heart. We are just ordinary people. After all, we are not going to be anchors or play professional games. This sentence, I was prepared for the bar fine.

You just have to look around at CF players and count the equipment they have in their warehouse. These professional peripherals are really a piece of paper for them. So why the lack of recognition?