How to choose the mouse? It is recommended to keep these three points in mind before you start

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As e-sports becomes more and more influential around the world, people are getting more and more involved with e-sports. The choice of mouse is one of the most important choices in eSports. It has a direct impact on how you feel. Many game players pit is because the hand is relatively disabled, and the relationship between the hand and the mouse is very big, such as the mouse is too heavy, the keys are too tired, and so on.

This is especially true in games that require fast movement and gun pressure, where a good mouse can definitely improve your skills. So, what kind of choice should we make when choosing a mouse? Suggestions or look for these three oh!

1: mouse performance

Personally, the mouse performance is a very important aspect, the mouse engine (and the main control chip) good or bad to the game level will cause a certain impact. The mouse we've chosen isn't particularly focused on this, and the fact is that a regular mouse is perfectly adequate for our everyday and gaming needs.

2: the function of the mouse

There are a lot of vendors promoting side key macro editing (using custom keys to complete multiple pre-written combinations of actions with one click), configuration switching (presetting multiple configurations for switching), and so on. These functions are indeed new functions of the mouse, but I think it is not very practical, interested friends can also try.

3: The appearance of the mouse

I think when you choose a mouse, you usually look at the appearance of the mouse at the first time. Cool shape, sharp color matching, RGB breathing lamp are all decorations that can add extra points to the mouse. How can you do less of them?

As a matter of fact, good-looking mouse performance is not too bad. So it's not a big problem for people to put the appearance of the mouse first. If you are just an ordinary gamer, you may not have much requirement for the mouse, if you are a high-end gamer or a broadcaster, then the choice of mouse is a little necessary.