Keyboard green axis black axis so much, how to choose the right keyboard?

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With the rise of the game industry, this mechanical keyboard is also followed by the emergence of The Times, want to buy a mechanical keyboard should be clear, mechanical keyboard bearings are divided into many kinds, green axis, tea axis, black axis and so on, so what are the differences between them? Is it just a different color? Today I will explain to you the bearing differences of mechanical hard disk, what kind of bearing is suitable for when to use.

Black shaft

The biggest characteristic of the black axis keyboard is the low sound. It is also a mechanical keyboard, but the black axis is the least sound among them. The sense of paragraph is not so obvious, whether it is the office or playing games are suitable. The black shaft is called the black shaft because its bearing is black. What other tea shaft, red shaft and so on are distinguished by this convenience.

The Black Axis keyboard has a lot of advantages for playing FPS games, mainly because the Black Axis feels hard, the key pass is short enough, and the feedback is strong, while playing shooting games only need a few keys, so it is more suitable. If you like to play shooters like CF/CS/ PUBG, you can use the black axis mechanical keyboard. And you should know that a lot of e-sports professionals are also mostly using the black axis keyboard oh!

The green axis

Green axis paragraph sense is very strong, the sound is also the largest, key distance 2.4mm, relatively long, suitable for office typing, playing games is generally not recommended, because the green axis key distance is long, paragraph sense is strong, so the green axis to play games reflect the speed may be slower than other bearings.

Tea shaft

Tea shaft is a micro switch, also known as a sensitive switch is an important part of the mechanical keyboard, in order to distinguish products, the color of its components is brown, so it is called the tea shaft. Tea axis is called universal axis, paragraph sense is weak, but it is different from the black axis straight up and down, tea axis bond distance is 2mm, but the tea axis is a more expensive one.

Because the hand feels soft, there are also many players like it. If you often play some action games, often need to press the keyboard, tea axis is more suitable than the black axis, because after a long time will not feel the fatigue of the fingers.

The red shaft

The overall feel of the red axis keyboard is actually similar to the black axis, its overall performance is the best. The keys are straight up and down, which is great for working or playing games, and if you're looking for a versatile keyboard, the red axis is definitely the one to go with.