"Do you know how to properly clean a dirty keyboard?"

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Do you know how dirty it is? Here, this way to clean the keyboard is super useful

"Do you know how to properly clean a dirty keyboard?"

Keyboard is a very important tool, we can not do without the keyboard when using the computer, as we all know, there are gaps between the keys on the keyboard, the use of a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dirty things, not only looks very disgusting, but also affect the normal use of the keyboard. So how to clean up the keyboard gap in the better stolen goods? Learning these three tips will help you solve this big problem with ease.

First, use a hair dryer and brush. First you need to put on the keyboard is bigger shook off the stolen goods, and then use hair dryer gently keyboard aperture is smaller in the stolen goods, if there is residual, use the brush lightly brush keyboard aperture, then use wet towel to wipe the surface of the keyboard clean and neat, wait until the keyboard after the evaporation of residual can continue to use.

The 2nd recruit, can use the clean mud that uses to clear keyboard dust and sundry specially. This cleaning mud