What is the difference between the e-sports mouse and the ordinary mouse? These are the key points!

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High-frequency operation and big data processing require professional computer equipment. With the rise of 3D games, more and more people pursue this kind of computer equipment, such as "chicken" graphics card and "chicken" processor, because this kind of professional computer equipment means that it can easily deal with this kind of high frequency operation, not afraid of playing the computer can not hold, so that you can enjoy the fun of games.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖1)

In fact, the price span of the mouse is still very large, daily use will choose 20-40 yuan of the mouse, 100-400 yuan of the mouse is also acceptable to many friends, cost-effective is relatively high, high-end there are 800 to thousands of yuan. Therefore, the choice of the mouse is quite a way.

Many people will think that there is no difference between the ordinary mouse and the e-sport mouse, and some will only buy the expensive e-sport mouse, but for its expensive place can not say why, and some friends think that the ordinary mouse with the e-sport mouse operation is the same, really let us these people confused.

Today, let's take a look at the difference between an esports mouse and a normal mouse.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖2)

The difference between the e-sports mouse and the ordinary mouse: appearance and weight are different

The most intuitive difference between the e-sports mouse and the ordinary mouse is that it is heavy. As soon as it is picked up, it is significantly heavier than the ordinary mouse.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖3)

This is because the electronic game mouse added a few pieces can be adjusted weight, so you can ensure the accuracy of the operation, not easy to slip resulting in mistakes. Of course, since the weight is adjustable, if you feel too heavy, you can adjust the weight to suit your weight.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖4)

Secondly, they are also very different in appearance. Ordinary mouse is generally pebble shape. The e-sports mouse is based on the premise of ergonomic design, the use of the hand will be more comfortable, long time use will not feel tired hand acid.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖5)

Normal mouse assembly is very simple, only a scroll wheel and left and right two buttons. However, the keys of the mouse are more, and some even reach a dozen function keys. It is highly professional, and you can set these keys by yourself.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖6)

The material of the e-sports mouse will be much better than that of the ordinary mouse. This is because the e-sports mouse will use skin-like material and then spray paint on the surface, so that it will feel much better. For ordinary game lovers and professional players, the feel is still very important.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖7)

From a visual point of view, the most obvious thing is that the eSports mouse has a cool breathing light!

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖8)

E-sports mouse and ordinary mouse difference two: rich and powerful driver

The driver of the e-sports mouse will be more rich than the ordinary mouse, it can directly set the DPI, set the color of the light, define the function of the key, and so on.

The difference between e-sports mouse and ordinary mouse is three: DPI is different

The DPI value of e-sports mouse is all very high, basically thousands, and you can adjust it by yourself, according to the size of your computer screen to adjust the most comfortable DPI size. The DPI value of the ordinary mouse is relatively low, generally 400 to 600, and can not adjust itself.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖9)

The large DPI mouse is capable of fast movement and reduced latency, making it ideal for high-resolution computers.

E-sport mouse and ordinary mouse difference four: different chips

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖10)

For e-sports mouse, "performance" is very important, the level of the game to a large extent depends on the mouse engine (and the main control chip) is good or bad, but still according to their own needs to choose the most suitable for their own.

However, the mainstream price mouse at the 100 to 200 price point does not have a negative impact on player performance at the lower common DPI values. So don't go for a powerful (and often expensive) mouse.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖11)
電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖12)

If the DPI enough cases, in terms of performance Suggestions for RTS types of real-time strategy game (e.g., starcraft 2, war3), moba types of tactical competitive multiplayer online games (like dota2, lol), the mouse engine recommended at least is not (violence) interpolation of a3050 and above, most of the big mouse manufacturers can meet this requirement.

電競鼠標和普通鼠標區別在哪?關鍵是這幾點! (圖13)

The type of the mouse is still a lot of, of course, not expensive is good, or to understand what they need, and then according to their own needs to choose to buy the mouse, so as to play to the maximum effect.