What are the features and uses of fingerprint mouse

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Fingerprint mouse combines the function of fingerprint recognition with the mouse, which not only brings the convenience of use, reduces the management and maintenance cost of the system, but also is more suitable for the use of laptop computers, and provides a reassuring solution for mobile office solutions. Let's see what features and uses the fingerprinting mouse has.

Extreme craftsman fingerprint mouse features:

1. Only 0.2 seconds of high-speed unlock, system login is as fast as mobile phone unlock, no manual input of password, quick login to Windows system with fingertip touch, timely lock the desktop when leaving the seat, quick decryption when using the computer, no fear of cumbersome, more convenient to use.

2, intelligent fingerprint encryption: photos, music, documents and other files, want to encrypt on the encryption, thoroughly defend your data. The whole. After encrypting and sharing with friends and colleagues, the receiver needs a password to open and consult.

Extreme craftsman fingerprint mouse use:

1, can record for password tools and software, such as with email, BBS, and personal home page, commercial sites and some entertainment site, through the fingerprint verification, not need to record complex password, don't have to worry about the trouble caused due to the forgotten password makes the process more convenient and hassle free online.

2, the use of fingerprint method, not only convenient and safe, can effectively put an end to the malicious elements of the computer damage and control, protect the computer from others control.