Mouse also supports heart rate monitoring domestic TSG660 electronic sports mouse to help you eat chicken easily

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鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖1)
The mouse for me is to meet every day at least 6 hours of peripherals, because I am a design, so work is crazy about the computer drawing, so it is also important to choose a feel good mouse, this time I start with a more intelligent competitive mouse - titanium TSG660 intelligent e-sports gaming mouse version of the prophet (hereinafter referred to as "titanium degree TSG660).

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖2)

First of all, from the packaging, the color matching of the mouse I started with is the Black Lily style, the packaging box is the collision color matching of black and purple, and the front of the packaging box is the mouse designed by Titanium TSG660 Black Lily.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖3)

Pull open the outer packaging, inside is a white packaging box, the front has a titanium LOGO.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖4)

The side of the box is printed with a pink word for competition. When you open the box, the first thing you see is titanium TSG660. On the front of the mouse is a LOGO with a gradual design effect from pink to white.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖5)

Mouse front, you can see the middle in addition to the wheel, there is a DPI button, of course, is prepared for competitive games.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖6)

On the side of the mouse, there are forward and back buttons. The front box below is the heart rate monitoring component, which is similar to the heart rate monitoring of a smartwatch. When the mouse is connected to the power supply, the green light will light up and you can monitor the heart rate by holding the mouse in your hand.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖7)

To be honest, I didn't know it until I bought the TSG660. It turns out that the mouse also has the function of monitoring heart rate.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖8)

The cable of the mouse is the Micro USB port. Compared with the traditional cable mouse, this design is for more aspects to carry it.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖9)

The bottom of the mouse, naturally is indispensable non-slip pad, a total of four, and is to support the replacement.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖10)

Because the installation of anti-skid pad with magnetic characteristics, so the replacement of the mouse anti-skid pad is very convenient, in addition, the upper shell side shell of the mouse can also be replaced.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖11)

Next, let's see what accessories Tiidu TSG660 has. There is a Micro USB cable and a user guide.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖12)

The use of TSG660 is very simple, no need to install the driver, as long as the plug in the data line, connected to the computer can automatically drive the installation and direct use.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖13)

When the mouse is powered on, the RGB effect light will be on. Of course, this effect light can be set color. Below to download the titanium degree application to set the mouse under the various functions.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖14)

In the titanium degree official website, you can download titanium degree through the service bar elf program.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖15)
鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖16)

After registering and logging in, enter the main interface of the program, the program has automatically identified the connected device, and the middle is the Settings of the mouse, the first column is intelligent to change the key, through which you can modify the mouse button function. When the app is opened, it displays a black floating window that shows the current hand speed, bursts, heart rate and clicks.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖17)

In the second column, it is estimated that the sensitivity must be set here, because the mouse's sensitivity DPI is very small at the beginning, and it is a little difficult to move, so it can be improved by setting DPI. Here, I set it to 1200, which is normal mouse DPI, and the following advanced Settings depend on personal preferences.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖18)

The lighting system bar, as the name implies, is the setting bar of the mouse effect lamp, the color is relatively rich, you can also set the rainbow mode, the mouse will appear a variety of color matching, of course, if you don't like the lighting effect, you can also turn off the lighting effect here.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖19)

Heart rate test is a relatively new mouse function for me, after all, the first time to use the mouse, first holding the mouse for 15 seconds, and then the heart rate data, under normal circumstances, the heart rate is about 87 interval, if playing electronic games, it is estimated that it can go up to three digits.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖20)

Interestingly, you can also see the data related to daily usage, including hit statistics, distance moved, number of times played, and so on.

鼠標也支持心率監測 國產TSG660電競鼠標助你輕松吃雞 (圖21)

For a design, it is very important to buy a good mouse, because the sensitivity of the mouse should not be too small or too large, and it can be set is the best, and in terms of hand feel, titanium TSG660 feels smooth and comfortable, and does not slide the hand, the weight of the mouse is moderate, and the control of the drawing is more convenient. All in all, even if you're not playing games, it's worth getting your hands on this titanium computer mouse.