All kinds of mouse pad already let you choose to giddy? Now tell you, how to choose suitable for yourself

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各種鼠標墊已經讓你選到眼花? 現在告訴你,怎樣挑選適合自己的 (圖1)

As the e-sports industry are flawed, DIY industry including its surrounding peripherals such as e-sports e-sports headphones, display, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad are ushered in the new spring, and discussion of mainstream DIY hardware and peripherals products article has too numerous to count, but about the choose and buy of mouse pad and explore does not see more, so the author has different use cases of mouse pad put forward some superficial views of choose and buy, aims to open avenues for gamers, the choose and buy when the mouse pad not have no direction, I can not find a suitable for their own products. First of all, in the choice of the mouse pad, the author divides it into three directions: cool high-end, professional players and office business. Cool high-end to mainly for the pursuit of personalized, like to make their own full set of equipment into a unified light effect, cool appearance of players; Professional players, on the other hand, do not make much breakthrough in the appearance of the product, but focus on the performance and life of the product, in order to ensure that the players use the time to maintain a stable and excellent feel. As far as I know, this category includes the most player groups and even professional players. And office business to the office and on business environment, may be you are a veteran players, but you probably won't hold a large mouse pad on a business trip or in the office for daily use, on the one hand, this will cause the waste of performance, and use occasions also do not accord with the use of the mouse pad their positioning, on the other hand with a mouse pad on a business trip is not so convenient, also not suitable for the usage scenario.

各種鼠標墊已經讓你選到眼花? 現在告訴你,怎樣挑選適合自己的 (圖2)

As a professional player, we focus on the point is not all kinds of lights, how won't be product appearance, but how best to ensure its own operating experience and lasting feel is stable, believe that many friends have used to buy the monitor/computer/laptop even rice flour from the soybean oil mouse pad, mouse pad with a dozen game, though, you'll have what felling? Yes, mouse pad will often slip together with the mouse, and the rough surface of the work cause it wasn't long before and there was a MAO, appear even lost frame, this is why we play the game with the root cause of the professional mouse pad, and not as game players we melodramatic, but as our technology and the game has asked when we have to do a party a equipment, appropriate input peripherals are inevitable.

Love tip: in the field of professional mouse pad, we no longer pay attention to their own peripheral brand is unified, but the material, size and thickness of the mouse pad have become our purchase of a mouse pad prerequisite.