Do you really think mouse pads are not important?

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你真的覺得鼠標墊不重要嗎? (圖1)

The mouse pad

It is the cushion that points to the mouse in using the process. The main function is to prevent because of glass and other special material surface reflection and refraction affect the mouse's optical sensor positioning, provide a convenient mouse optical sensor system to calculate the plane of the motion vector. Generally speaking, is to give the mouse a more accurate location of the medium surface.

The role of mouse pad

你真的覺得鼠標墊不重要嗎? (圖2)

你真的覺得鼠標墊不重要嗎? (圖3)

As an indispensable standard input device, the mouse plays a pivotal role in the daily use of office or games. Just as the so-called good horse matches good saddle, a good mouse certainly cannot lack its best partner, the mouse pad.

Mouse pad in addition to effectively prevent the loss of the bottom of the mouse on the desktop, more importantly, it can effectively reduce the mouse bottom foot stick and shell wear, and the mouse pad material is smooth and delicate with strong light absorption material. In order to reduce the use of the mouse in the process of the display appear frame jumping phenomenon.

Using the mouse pad can effectively enhance the positioning ability of the mouse and reduce the impact of external factors on the mouse. However, without the use of the mouse pad, the accuracy of the mouse can not be guaranteed, and it will also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the foot pad and firmware at the bottom of the mouse.

A good mouse pad not only lets you have a longer life of the mouse in the hand, but also gives you a more carefree and accurate sense of control.

Material of mouse pad

你真的覺得鼠標墊不重要嗎? (圖4)

With the development of the peripheral industry, the mouse pad in the material selection is also a wide variety of common for the traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, glass material, metal material and coating class. Each material of the mouse pad has its own characteristics.

· Rubber or cloth: this kind of mouse pad surface texture friction is large, convenient for mechanical mouse movement and positioning, and low price, easy to carry, large sales in the market, which is more commonly seen in advertising mouse pad.

Glass, aluminum material: this material has a special texture on the surface of the mouse pad, which increases the sensitivity of light reflection and feel, and the surface is easy to clean. However, due to the greater strength of the material, it also increases the mouse foot stick wear.

Daru Nightstream Mouse Pad - looks level and performance go hand in hand

你真的覺得鼠標墊不重要嗎? (圖5)

Daryou Night Timer Mouse Pad thickness is only 0.25mm of fine PC material, the use of exquisite surface coarse sand process, effectively avoid contraction, and can maintain high strength and toughness, not only feel comfortable, but also can enhance the accuracy of mouse movement and positioning. The bottom adopts the thickness of 0.8mm extremely thin sandblasted iron plate, leather durable and hard and stable, long time use without deformation. The mouse pad is divided into 3 layers: the surface layer is 0.25mmPC(the mouse use layer), the middle layer is 2.0mm light guide plate (the light source layer), the bottom layer is 0.8mm iron plate (the support layer), the foot pad is 0.5mm, and the top layer is 1.5mm thick sandblasted aluminum parts.

A good horse makes a good saddle. You don't think this mouse pad is important?