E brand story of Meishang

One day in early May 2015, I only remember it was the May Day holiday. Be free and at leisure for the sales of keys and mice for many years, he did not feel that came to a network cafe, also happened to meet this network cafe's game area is holding a game competition. Live game players are passionate admission, Shouting slogans. Both in place after the first thing to do is to change gear, from his backpack took out his arms, keyboard mouse headphones , of course, these are the players love, beside him a game player suddenly said a words, their equipment is more beautiful, also very fashionable, also very cow, but ill-equipped, is the lack of a mouse pad.

At this moment he suddenly understood what, immediately began to take an strong interest in mouse pad at home again, for many years as a keyboard or sales he, too, mouse pads are distribution, again have you thought about how it is also a game a weapon, then he began to act to do a mouse pad in the eyes of e-sports game players think is indispensable, immediately thought of a Chinese American friends, at this time in the keyboard or industry, no matter in software development or DIY structure design is the master. Sent an email, just said to a friend I would like you to help me design a mouse pad, beautiful requirements, fashion. "No problem!" replied the American friend. May I ask what is the purpose of making such a mouse pad and selling it to those groups? I would like to know. At this time he replied that only for the network game players to provide. Want to let them know in the competitive game the mouse pad is also an indispensable tool for them. Then it occurred to him that there wasn't a LOGO name yet. Conversation through friends and think of my product requirements and beautiful, fashion is referred to as "beauty is my purpose is to network users, the network this two word of the letter e, also a Chinese homophonic, network player is a group, with a group this two word thought of an abbreviation used instead of the word, the family was originally moonlight clan, online community, etc. Connected together, the beauty of E clan, fashion only E clan of E-sports online games. At that time, his American friend also returned to OK and flew to China within one month. After finding an investor, it took 6 months of unremitting research and development, 3 months of mold production and 3 months of testing. Finally completed on August 15, 2016 the world's only starting removable, can repair the RGB light mouse pad, there are dozens of photosynthetic efficiency, at the bottom of an aluminum oxide wire drawing process, reasonable prices, to adapt to the public, is the market big brand shine a third less than the price of mouse pad, reached the big brand silicone mouse pad price, will overturn the market, won the high praise. (He is Mr.Heqing Liu, the founder of E brand luminous mouse pad of Meishang)