In order to strengthen the brand promotion of Meishang E clan, the company intends to join hands with regional distributors to fully explore the market, realize resource sharing, give play to the respective advantages of agents and the company, so as to occupy the market in a short period of time, develop together and create brilliant, so as to recruit provincial regional agents in all provinces in China.


 I. Cooperation conditions of regional agents
        1. Recognize Meishang E brand and company culture concept: take good moral character, pragmatic integrity as the foundation of business, willing to abide by the business model formulated by the company, standardize service and sales policies, adhere to high-quality products and considerate service to win customer trust.
        2. Good business reputation, strong market operation ability, and certain sales channels, network resources, sales team and logistics conditions.
II. Regional protection policies
        1. Implement a national unified price system. Provide strict market area protection policy to ensure the exclusivity of agents.
        2. All terminal demand in each agency area is supplied by agents, and the company will not directly deliver goods and sell them.
III. Support of the Company to Dealers
        1. The Company shall provide business personnel support to the agents.
        2. The company shall provide image support to agents.
        3. The company cooperates with relevant media for brand promotion throughout the year.
        4. The company shall provide product manuals and various promotional materials to agents.

The above is the regional market development and cooperation mode for agents of E-sports peripheral equipment of Meishang. If interested in cooperation, please contact us at 400-8599-923.